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Homeopathic medicine is tasteless and low dose. In all cases it is no more than a few drops in the mouth, or even just moistened on the lips or the pulse points of a newborn baby. It is also perfectly safe and non toxic. In fact it is not chemical medicine at all, and is therefore different not only from drugs but also herbs and vitamins.

Being “information medicine” (please read the page homeopathy explained) it is perfectly appropriate for babies and infants, who always seem to love taking the remedies. After the first few doses they quickly learn to open their mouths when they see the parent with the small bottle and dropper!

At this Perth naturopathic clinic we feel blessed to be able to help such young children. Not only does it help their immediate and acute problems but it strengthens their immunity in a natural way. Rather than suppressing symptoms, it educates their body to recognise and deal with future similar infections. In this way it helps stop problems becoming chronic.

There is now much evidence that early drug treatment, particularly with antibiotics and steroids contributes to the development of chronic atopic allergy conditions such as eczema and asthma later on. Antibiotics do save lives, but they need to be saved for the most serious situations, as medical practitioners themselves recognise; but the reality of practice is often different, and parents themselves pressure the practitioner for treatment.

Homeopathy is perfectly able to deal with coughs, colds, ear infections, tonsillitis and other acute problems. There have also been studies that show that children treated by homeopathic medicine for ear infections get fewer subsequent infections than those treated by antibiotics. In serious or non-responsive cases we will always refer on for medical treatment if we feel it is necessary. We are not idealists, but we are pragmatic. We believe we are complementary medicine and will never compromise the safety or health of our patients for the sake of remaining philosophically pure!

Homeopathy and naturopathic principles are able to deal with most of the acute conditions of babies and infants. Here is a list of some the more common things that are successfully treated at this Perth clinic:

  • Birth trauma, bruising and haematomas
  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Teething problems (dentition)
  • Colds, influenza (flu) and other viruses
  • Tonsillitis and throat infections
  • Bronchitis, coughs and acute asthma
  • Ear infections (otitis media and otitis externa)
  • Conjunctivitis and other eye infections
  • Impetigo, molluscum and other skin infections

For recurring acute problems, the parent can be provided with individually prescribed medicines to have on hand to deal with the above in future situations. Homeopathy is particularly effective for preventing complications from cold or influenza and for resolving the tendency for certain children and babies to get chronic mucus following colds that go on for weeks or even months. We must say that situation is easy to deal with in most cases, and the parents of our small patients swear by our remedies!

Chronic conditions are those health problems that fail to resolve and often lead to more complicated ongoing issues, especially if suppressed with medicines that fail to address the underlying problem. Naturopathy and homeopathic treatment is able to help the following chronic health disorders of babies and infants, amongst others:

  • Infant colic and gastric reflux
  • Eczema, dermatitis and cradle cap
  • Asthma and breathing difficulties
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Chronic nasal obstruction
  • Enlargement of tonsils and adenoids
  • Glue ear (otitis media with effusion)
  • Global developmental delay
  • Delay with milestones such as late walking and talking
  • Sleeping problems and unexplained crying

At this Perth naturopathic clinic we have now treated many of our patients from early infancy, through their childhood, adolescence and into young adulthood. So not only do we have much experience in treating children, our results are very gratifying and it is also one of our specialties. For the treatment of older children, from toddlers through into adolescence, please see the page on the treatment of children.


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